Another Work Week In The Books

Thursday, December 6, 2018

It was 28 degrees with a heavy frost this morning. It was cold! So glad we weren’t working outside today. It’s cold again tonight. About time for us to head south. We really didn’t think it would be this cold while we were in Lumberton.

Lee shared with us for our devotion today. She used a reading from the Upper Room. Isaiah 40:27-32. She reminded us that God gives strength to the weary. Several of us felt that was an appropriate reminder for a NOMADS Friday (known to some as “Thursday”). Some of us are weary by this time of the week. The reading Lee shared was a story of a burned out caregiver. God is always there to see us through. Lee reminded us that the people we are helping usually have multiple problems, such as health problems and flooding, or financial problems and flooding or something else and flooding. We must share with them who gives the strength to make it through.

Since we completed Elsie and Bruce’s house yesterday, job assignments changed today. Anne and Gene went to Jim and Mary’s, Max and Cindy stayed at the warehouse to build a pump house cover for Jim and Mary, while Mary Ann, Dave, Bruce and Lee went to Jackie’s. Philip was under the weather and not working and Carol had to go back and see the therapist and orthopedic doctor.

At Jackie’s they were working on general cleanup, installing towel rods, shower rods, toilet paper holders, installing transition strips and mirrors. At Jim and Mary’s, Anne set nails in trim, cleaned and caulked. Gene installed the lavatory, the faucet, but when we turned on the water it leaked. After spending much time he found the faucet to be defective. Oh well, we will try another Monday. We also finished installing the base board. Max and Cindy built the new roof for the pump house including installing the shingles. It will get painted or stained Monday. It looks really good.

Tonight we all went out to dinner together since Lee leaves us tomorrow. This time we went to Village Inn. It is located down by the fairgrounds where our rigs were parked last year. We remembered going there last year after we got inside. They serve barbecue and seafood. The barbecue is not like Alabama’s, but it was okay. It was just too finely chopped for us. Most of the others got seafood and reported it was very good.

We accomplished a lot this week. We will all enjoy our weekend. Hope you do to.

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