Texturing Tuesday

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Today was a blustery, cool day. The high was 56 with the wind blowing most of the day. No rain today. YEA!! The sun was out for most of the day. Hoping it will help dry up some of the standing water.

Anne and Max led devotion today using today’s advent devotion from Seedbed Daily Text. We talked a little about advent and then Jesus, our light and hope. We had some sharing and then our prayer time. Our prayer list is getting really long. So many people with so many health problems. Thanks, Gene for our music again today.

We all headed back to work at the same places we left off yesterday. Lee, Anne and Max were back at Bruce and Elsie’s house. We moved the TV out again and covered the floor with our tarp and then started sanding the ceiling. Some of us will probably be sore tomorrow from all the over the head sanding but in the end we were pleased with the outcome. If we were not going to texture the ceiling, we would want to do another layer of mud but with texture we will be fine with just the two. We were able to get a coat of Kilz on the drywall before we stopped for a late lunch. By the time lunch was over we were able to start applying the texture. We used a 3/4” fluffy roller to apply the drywall mud for texture and it worked fairly well. We worked late tonight in order to complete the texturing. Once we were started we didn’t want to stop until it was done. Hopefully we will be pleased with the results we see tomorrow after everything is dry. The living room is rather dark with no overhead lighting so we want to see what it looks like by the light of day. Elsie was happy with just the unfinished drywall so we hope she will be even happier once we get the textured ceiling painted.

We don’t know what everyone else accomplished today because everybody was already settled in their rigs by the time we got home a little after 5:30. We will find out tomorrow at morning meeting. It may be an ibuprofen kind of night tonight.

One thought on “Texturing Tuesday”

  1. Thanks so much for all your Blogs & pictures. Enjoy reading them& keeping up with what you are doing & Accomplishing. Miss being with the Nomads but health reasons not going to let it happen. God Bless all your work & dedication. Love & Hugs, Darl and Mary Alice Collins


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