Back To Work Again

Monday, December3, 2018

Nice warm day today. It did rain for a short time this morning but it was 60 when we got up and our high was 70. It’s already down to 54 tonight and the next few days will be cold again. Seems we are having cold weather a little early this year.

Gene shared our devotion today. He plays guitar for us every day which adds so much to our devotion time. Our scripture today was Rev 21:1-7. Gene talked about snow today, and the different reactions we have the first snow of the season. Some enjoy the beauty, some think of the fun winter sports, other gripe about having to go shovel the drive, but most would agree there is beauty in a new snowfall. Gene reminded us from Rev 21, God makes all things new. Through Jesus, we all have the opportunity for new life. Mary Ann closed with the poem, “Heaven’s Grocery Store“. Thanks Gene for sharing and singing and playing.

After devotion we headed back to work. We missed Carol and Bruce today as they are both under the weather. Mary Ann and Cindy went back to Jim and Mary’s to work on the drywall finishing. They also did some priming and then headed back to Jackie’s. Dave, Gene and Joe worked at Jackie’s all day. They installed the kitchen sink and the bathroom vanities. When the ladies got there they painted the front porch. The house is looking good.


Anne and Lee mudding ceiling
Anne and Lee mudding ceiling

Anne, Max and Lee went back to Bruce and Elsie’s house. We sanded and then put a second coat of mud on the ceiling. Of course, after completing the mudding, we cleaned everything up again and removed the tarp, and reinstalled the TV so Ms Elsie could watch it this evening. We then drove back into town and spent the remainder of the day at Jackie’s helping with a few little things there.

We are hoping to complete two of the houses this week and Jackie’s will hopefully be complete before we leave in 2 weeks. Fun times coming when we get to turn houses back over to their owners.

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