Happy Thanksgiving – Take 2

Friday, November 23, 2018

Today was a cool gray day. The high was 46. But it was a great day. We got up and started preparing the for the family to arrive. Dave and Jen and Philip and Lauren, Dorothy and Tabitha all came over today. We had a huge spread of great food and wonderful family time. Such fun to see everyone. This afternoon we took a nice long walk to work off some of lunch. We played some games, played with the kids, and all too soon it was time for the kids to head home. Jen and Dave did stay in Johnston with us, so we will see then again tomorrow. It was another wonderful day.

Thanksgiving dinner after effects
Thanksgiving dinner after effects

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Yesterday we had a relaxing morning and then went to Greenwood, SC to do a little shopping. They guys went to Harbor Freight and Tractor Supply. The girls went to the mall. We all had fun and of course the guys spent the most money. We stopped by Cookout for lunch on the way home. We all did our afternoon walking together. Randy has a trail around this property so we can walk a loop and get about 1000 steps per round. Between that and the walking when we were shopping we got our miles done for the day.

Today was another cool but nice day in Johnston. We had another wonderful day to spend with Randy and Debra. Special time to just work together and have fun. Anne and Debra cooked most of the day. The nieces and nephews are coming tomorrow so we prepared food today so we can visit tomorrow. Of course we also cooked our Thanksgiving meal which was not traditional but oh so good. We topped if off with Pina Colada cake. We need to go walk another five miles.

Randy and Max worked outside part of today trimming trees and taking trees down that were too close to the house. There was some high ladder work but they were very careful and they were very glad to have marked that off Randy’s to do list. Debra and Anne watched from the kitchen.


That’s about it for today. It was great family time.

We also started a jigsaw puzzle today

Gaffney to Johnston

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Breakfast from Sunny'sWe had no real schedule this morning and took our time getting ready to leave Gaffney. We had a little business to handle and went back to Sunny’s for more pastries. We stopped by the Freightliner office again to share and to set our appointment for next year. With that done we packed up and headed to Johnston, SC for the remainder of this week.

TrafficWe had a very uneventful drive although a short section of traffic was bumper to bumper due to construction. We couldn’t help but think of yesterday’s accident, making us even more thankful for safe travel today. Edgefield signAfter getting Fred set up for the week, we began our purpose for the week – visiting with Randy and Debra. Mid afternoon we all went into Edgefield to get our exercise walking around this cute little town. They are working to restore the downtown area and are making great progress. For those who have been following us, you may recall that last visit in Johnston we visited the National Wild Turkey Federation located just outside the town of Edgefield. Since there are a lot of people who visit here because of the Federation’s location, the town has statues of turkeys all over town. Turkey’s are everywhere. We got a good walk and got to enjoy the quaint little town. Everyone was very friendly.


Back at home, Debra prepared us a great supper and we spent the rest of the evening enjoying our family. It was a wonderful day and we are looking forward to more relaxing and visiting over the next few days.

Why We Travel With A Dash Cam

Monday, November 19, 2018

side swipe
Why we travel with a dash camera

Another chilly morning followed by a gorgeous day. The trees around Gaffney are pretty now. Probably a little past peak but still nice.

We started the day by getting Fred checked in for his annual checkup with Freightliner. We then went to Sunny’s Doughnuts to get some great doughnuts for ourselves and enough to share with the Freightliner crew and other’s waiting in the service waiting room. Unfortunately, while we were waiting another RV owner came back in. He had just left and as he was merging onto the interstate an eighteen wheeler sideswiped him and kept going. The accident broke his mirror off, broke the windshield and caused body damage all down the side. Poor guy was really shaken up. The people at Freightliner really helped him out even though they don’t do that type of repairs. They helped him contact police and his insurance and suggested a good body shop and they let him leave the rig here until the body shop can begin the work. Good people here at the Gaffney Freightliner Service Center. The owner had a dash camera running when it happened and the state police were able to get the tag number from the video. The video also showed that the truck driver drifted across the white line into the RV’s lane. That’s why we travel with a dash camera.

After lunch we went shopping for a while. While Anne was shopping at Hamrick’s Max went walking to an old school nearby and did some geocaching. When he came back inside he took a walk through the “Gourmet” food section. We also had a beautiful sunset this afternoon while on our afternoon walk. Fred got a great report from his checkup. It was another good day.

Sabbath in Gaffney

Sunday, November 18, 2018

We had a restful day.  We walked a while this morning after it warmed up a little. Walking here is nicer because the college put in sidewalks so we don’t have to walk in the street. We went a local market for some peach ice cream and fruit (and found a geocache while there). We walked again this afternoon and watched our home church service online.  Other than taking care of some NOMADS and family business we just rested and enjoyed the day.

Lumberton to Gaffney

Saturday, November 17, 2018

A cold start to the day, 35 degrees. But it was another sunny day and by this afternoon it was perfect walking weather.

We had another slow start to the day. Even though it was a travel day, it was a relatively short one of about 4 hours driving, so we rolled over and went back to sleep. Luxury. And when we got up we finished packing up Fred at a fairly leisurely pace. Before leaving we mixed up some split pea soup in the thermos (click here for details) so we could have lunch when we arrived. We pulled out of Lumberton about 10:30, a really late start for us. It was an easy drive on I-95, I-74, US 74 to 485 to I-85 to Gaffney, SC. Traffic became heavy and slow around Charlotte but otherwise it was easy.

FCCSC RV parking
FCCSC RV parking

We are at the Freightliner Service Center in Gaffney to have Fred’s annual maintenance performed on Monday. We also have a couple of recalls to be done. The service center has connections in the parking lot with 50amps and a dump station and water available. We come here every year and have always been comfortable here. After our lunch of split pea and smoked sausage soup, we walked to the community college and back a couple of times to get our exercise. After the exercise we drove to Cookout for chocolate malt and blueberry cheesecake shakes. It was a good day and we really thank God for giving us safe travel.


Off Day Work

Friday, November 16, 2018

It was cold this morning, but with a gorgeous sun shining brightly. First time we have see the sun in about a week. No rain today and none in the forecast. Nice! The Lumber river while still over 4 feet above flood stage has started receding.

No alarm clock this morning. We started the day slowly. Cindy and Bruce left last night after dinner for a weekend get-a way. Carol and Dave left this morning to make a long drive to Pennsylvania. They will be spending the week visiting family and friends. Glad when we heard from them a little while ago, that they have arrived safely. Carol said traffic was pretty bad and they saw lots of snow. Mike and Susan left for Michigan a little later in the day. Praying for their safety as they make their way back to the snowy north. They had to winterize their rig before they left this morning.


Max prepared us another wonderful breakfast of eggnog French Toast. Oh, so good. Then we spent most of the day doing laundry, doing some book work, sorting out our tools and cleaning out the truck. Don’t know how we get our tools so disorganized. Truck looks better now and last load of laundry is in the dryer.


Southeastern FitnessThis afternoon late we finally got ourselves motivated to go to the gym. We had really been planning to go earlier but after we both got sick we decided we needed rest more than exercise. Today it felt really good to get a good workout. Nice gym! So now we have our membership card and maybe we can get back there several more times before we leave Lumberton. We really enjoy our Silver Sneakers membership. It was a nice relaxing day.