Back To Work Again

Monday, November 26, 2018

As predicted the rain began during the night and it was a messy, rainy, dreary morning. Rain was suppose to be over by 9 or 10 but it lasted a bit longer. However, by this afternoon it was nice again. Now we are going to have a cold spell. Not as cold as home but lows of 28-29 which is plenty cold enough, actually too cold for us. It’s about time to head south.

Mary Ann had our devotion this morning and used Ephesians 5. She told a story about a child imitating his Dad. Kids certainly look at their parents and often imitate them. We are called to be imitators of our heavenly Father. We learn to live fully and love others. We become the only Bible some others ever see. She ended with a funny, The Bible Through a Child’s Eyes. Thanks Mary Ann.

After devotion, we discussed our work day. Max and Anne with our new NOMADS, Gary and Nancy, went to Bruce’s house about 30 minutes from Lumberton. Gene and Max had visited here the week before Thanksgiving and made an emergency repair to the living room ceiling. Unfortunately Bruce’s wife had a stoke and spends a great deal of time on the couch in the living room, watching TV. The roof has leaked and the ceiling panels were close to falling on the couch. Today our first job was to empty as much of the furniture from the living room as there was space in other rooms. We then covered the carpet with a tarp and covered two pieces of furniture. That took some time as we carefully took down pictures and moved objects precious to our home owners. That part always make us a little anxious. After moving everything without a disaster, we started the demolition. Demo is always fun. It went pretty fast today. Unfortunately we found the roof which was thought to be repaired is still leaking. We removed wet insulation and inspected everything we could get to. That included climbing up on the roof. We had to tarp the roof today and tomorrow Jeff, our construction supervisor, will come take another look and make a decision as to what to do. We will go ahead and begin replacing drywall in the areas without leaks. Unfortunately, we were told that there was not very much money budgeted for this house. Hopefully they can find enough to allow us to do what needs to be done.  It was really nice to get to work, and get to know Nancy and Gary a little better.  They are going to make great NOMADS!



Demolition helpers
Demolition helpers on break

Mary Ann, Cindy, Dave, Bruce, and Joe went back to work at Jackie’s. Gene and Jerry went back to Mary and Jim’s. They were planning to hang drywall today. They were able to get the flooring in and the shower and toilet installed last week before Jim and Mary’s family came for Thanksgiving. Now they have the wall and vanity to complete. Some little things were done at Jackie’s last week but since we didn’t go over there today, we don’t know exactly what they were planning to do today. We heard Jackie has bought her countertops so we will have to stop by there one day soon.

After work we were on good behavior and went back to the gym for a good cardiac workout. Now tonight we are watching a Christmas movie and enjoying our lemon ginger tea. It was a good day!

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