Back To Lumberton

Saturday, November 24, 2018

(Sorry, another entry didn’t post when we thought it did.)

It was another cool day and today it was raining as well. Messy day. We made no effort to depart Johnston early this morning. Per the forecast the rain would be out by 10:00 and we decided to just wait it out. Dead batteryOf course at 10:00 when we started to hook the truck up to leave, the truck battery was dead. It was a little slow to start yesterday, today it was dead. First cold snap of the year kills a lot of batteries. It could have happened at a lot worse times. We were safe. We were at Randy’s with all the necessary tools and Randy of course new exactly where to go to get the battery and changed it out for us quickly. So glad it wasn’t Monday morning when we needed to get to work. Of course it was raining again at 11:30 when were were actually hooking up to head back to Lumberton.

Traffic was worse than we expected todayThe rain was minimal on our trip back but it remained a damp, cool and messy day. Traffic was considerably heavier than we anticipated. So glad we will not be on the interstate tomorrow. Everyone traveling tomorrow needs to allow lots of time and be very careful. We made it back safe and sound and pulled back in right behind Dave and Carol. Good to see part of our team again. The rest will be back tomorrow.

We had a great Thanksgiving with family. So good to see the nieces and nephews and their children who could join us. It was good to get a good report on Fred. It was good to have a little break. We will now work three more weeks here in Lumberton to try to continue helping those needing assistance. Praying we accomplish what God desires and not our To Do list.

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