Team Back Together

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Today was a beautiful day in Lumberton. We had beautiful sun today. Jackets were needed this morning but this afternoon great. Knowing tomorrow is suppose to be another wet day made today even more appreciated.

We again went to church at Chestnut Street UMC. Pastor Herbert brought another great message. He is a gifted speaker and simply presents the Word. No sugar coating but speaks the truth. Reminds me of our home church, Lester Memorial. If we were going to be in this area for an extended period of time (which we aren’t) we would certainly consider Chestnut Street as our home church.

After church we returned to Fred for a lunch of leftovers. While we were waiting for some brand new NOMADS to arrive, we did some laundry and relaxed. After greeting Gary and Nancy, we made a quick run to the gym to get our exercise for the day. Team meetingWe finished up in time to make a quick run for groceries and then make it to our team meeting tonight at the church. We also had another team member arrive today, Phillip and we met Jerry for the first time but he was here last week. It was great to meet new friends and we look forward to a productive week. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

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