Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Morning temperatureIt was just as cold this morning as predicted, 27. We had no problems from the cold with Fred and we were toasty warm. It’s suppose to be 28 in the morning and then we have a warming trend. Of course that means rain is coming with rain predicted Saturday through next Tuesday. Rain is the last thing Lumberton needs. Today Lumberton finally went out of the flood warning. The river is still high and there is still standing water all around. Our campsite is still very squishy. The ground is still saturated and there is just no where for the water to go.

Today Nancy and Gary brought us our devotion. Nancy talked to us about prevenient grace – the grace God shows us while we are still lost, justifying grace – that ah ha moment when we get it and make a decision for Christ and sanctifying grace – the ongoing experience of God’s grace through Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives. She and Gary shared some of their personal stories of their walk with the Lord. We had a good time of sharing. Thanks so much, Nancy and Gary.

blessed are the flexibleThen it was time for us to all go back to work. Yesterday we said flexibility was one of the hallmarks of good NOMADS and today again proved that. Mary Ann and Gene had to make multiple changes in job assignments today. There are about 30 volunteers coming in tomorrow and Jeff needed some help getting ready for them and gathering all the necessary supplies. So, Gene and Philip took Gene’s truck and picked up metal roofing and lumber and delivered it to a couple of job sites. Dave and Gary took Gary’s truck and went to Fayetteville to pick up some metal. That’s what was scheduled when we left for our job. Mary Ann and Cindy were hoping to get back to put a second coat of mud on the drywall at Mary and Jim’s. Don’t know if they ever made it out there or not. We will have to find out what everyone did in the morning.

We know that Nancy went with us back out to Elsie and Bruce’s house and we resumed work on the ceiling. We got clearance on completing the drywall and finished getting all of that hung right after lunch. We then started the mudding and taping. We got three of five seams taped and all the screws covered. We taught Nancy how to mud and tape and wow! She did a great job. She really has a talent for drywall finishing. We hope to complete the two seams that still needing tape and re-mud the other three tomorrow. If we are real lucky, we could possibly get two coats on the 2 remaining seams because it drys fast on the ceiling of a very warm house. Perhaps it will only take the two coats because the next step will be texture. We will just have to see what it looks like after two. Any way, we are making good progress and Elsie and Bruce are thrilled.


Ceiling installed and partially taped and mudded
Ceiling installed and partially taped and mudded

Too tired to go to the gym tonight but did get 10,000 steps today. It’s now 7:30 pm and the temperature is already down to 33. One more cold night.

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