NOMADS Friday Again

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Heavy frostThis morning was colder than yesterday. Twenty-six with a heavy frost. Fortunately we were not having to work outside, so no problems. Also, we received notification yesterday that Lumberton was no longer under a flood warning. Wrong! Got notification this morning that Lumberton remains under the flood warning. The Lumber River in Lumberton is still at 14.25 feet and flood is 13.0 feet. The river is still falling ever so slowly. It is not expected to be to 14 until sometime Saturday. While the flood stage doesn’t seem very bad, water still remains everywhere. We drove down to Whiteville for dinner tonight and along the highway there was still so much standing water. It was also still obvious that the houses along the highway had been under water because of all the belongings piled beside the road. The prediction is for rain Saturday through Tuesday. Hopefully they are wrong.

Today Bruce lead us in devotion. He shared from Our Daily Bread daily devotion which is another really good devotion source. Today’s was entitled Lord Of The Moment. It ended with the reminder that our lives are better off in God’s hands than in our own. How very true! Thanks, Bruce.

We then all headed back out to work. Nancy went back to Elsie and Bruce’s house us. Gary went over to Jackie’s to work on the counter tops with most of the rest of the team. Mary Ann and Cindy went back to Mary and Jim’s to put another coat of mud on the drywall.

Back out at Elsie and Bruce’s house we set back up for mudding and sanding. We sanded the drywall that had one coat of mud and all the nail holes, filled more holes as needed and applied the first coat of mud on everything else. Everything went very smoothly today. After completing the mudding, since it was our last work day this week, we cleaned the job site really well. Today we removed the tarp from the living room floor and vacuumed really well. Then we set the TV back up so they could watch and moved the couch back into the living room for the weekend. We also cleaned up all the debris from the demo and loaded it into the trailer. We had been very careful to keep all the debris on a tarp which we kept covered over night but the dogs decided to play tug of war with the tarp and it is now in shreds. This afternoon we took all the debris and the shreds of tarp to the dumpster.

After we dropped of some equipment we no longer needed at the warehouse, we went to Jackie’s to see what had been accomplished there this week. We were excited that Jackie arrived while we were there and we got to visit with her for a while. Her house is coming right a long and is getting very close to completion.

Team dinner at Dale's in Whiteville
Team dinner at Dale’s in Whiteville

Tonight the team went to Whiteville to Dale’s Seafood restaurant. Ann and Jeff suggested this restaurant and we all had a good time. The team this week has been so much fun. Gary and Nancy will be going back home tomorrow but will return in a week. We will miss them. They have been such a blessing and we are so thankful we have them as new friends. We are praying for safe travels for them and a quick return to Lumberton. It’s NOMADS Friday so maybe we can sleep in tomorrow.

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