Winter Is Here!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Lumberton forecastThis morning was cold. Tomorrow is going to be even colder with predicted low of 27. We will also have wind with gusts to 20 mph so it will be COLD in the morning. We have disconnected our water hose and turned on the light in the sewer bay. We shouldn’t have any problems but most of us took sensible precautions.

We had devotion today and shared the JD Walt Seedbed devotion for today. People seemed to appreciate our efforts. We have enjoyed the Seedbed study through Mark.

After devotion, we all gave reports on yesterday’s work. We were wrong on where Dave worked yesterday. He was out at Jim and Mary’s working on installing drywall. That was completed and Mary Ann and Cindy worked on taping and mudding today. They are getting close to completing that job. Completing the drywall and then paint should about close that one out. Yesterday at Jackie’s there was work done on cabinets and plumbing.

Nancy and Gary went back to Elsie and Bruce’s house with us today. We had to go by the warehouse and pick up a few things. Before we left the job site yesterday day we tried to clean up the living room and set their TV back up so they would watch the news. Therefore, first duties today were to move the TV out and cover up the carpet and table. Gene went to Lowe’s and picked up drywall and insulation for us and we worked on that installation today. Nancy and Gary did a lot of the installation while we did most of the cutting. Nancy and Gary did a great job! Today was their first experience with drywall. Love it when people get to learn new skills. Nancy, like most of us NOMADS girls, now has a drill and impact driver on her list of needed tools. Are you listening Santa? We have just one more sheet of drywall we can install in the morning before Jeff comes to take a look at the leak area. He is going to try to find us some metal so we can replace at least part of the roof. We may be taping and mudding tomorrow. Flexibility is very important to being a good NOMAD so we will wait and see what tomorrow brings.

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