New Friends

Friday, November 2, 2018

Today was a cloudy and sometimes rainy day. The sun poked out for a very short time this afternoon but by late afternoon the temperatures were thankfully starting to drop. The humidity was very high today and it was muggy feeling most of the day.

Reid was on his way to Ohio by 8:45 and had a long day of driving ahead of him. Hopefully he didn’t have rain the entire way, although he says rain doesn’t bother him. Cheryl and Bill got on their way about 12:45 but didn’t have as far to go. It was great to have these three with us last week. We hope we work with them again soon.

Our neighborhood roosters came by for a visit
Our neighborhood roosters came by for a visit while we were sitting outside

It was only a short time later that Bruce and Cindy arrived. More new-to-us NOMADS! This week all three rigs coming in are NOMADS we have never had on project. We are looking forward to new friends. Cindy walked with us for a while this afternoon and we introduced her to the pecan tree here in the park. There a lots of pecans here. Too bad we didn’t bring our nut cracker. Also this afternoon we had a visitor. New NOMADS from the area came by to see if they could talk to some NOMADS. Well, as God would have it, guess who’s rig they parked beside. Most of you know we could talk about NOMADS for more than a few minutes. We had a great visit with Chuck and Nancy. Hope we work with them soon too.

We sat and visited with Mike and Susan a while tonight. Later in the evening we had a call from our niece and nephew. Always enjoy hearing from Dave and Jennifer. Another good day! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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