Thursday, November 1, 2018

Today started out cloudy and we had some sun during the day but it was come and go. Temperatures were definitely warmer and humidity definitely higher. Not a bad day but not as beautiful as the rest of the week.

Cheryl and Bill administering communion
Cheryl and Bill administering communion

We, of course, started the day with devotion and today was led by Susan and Mike Katona. Scripture was from was Luke 9. Susan then read a writing of Oswald Chambers, a challenging writing questioning if we really follow God when it doesn’t make sense, when what God wants us to do doesn’t agree with our common sense. It is then that we must take a leap of faith. Once we will risk everything and leap by faith, we will see the common sense in God’s calling. A wonderful benefit of having a couple of pastors on our team is that Susan and Mike asked Bill and Cheryl to serve us communion this morning. We really like to close our time with our team with Holy Communion. It’s a special time for the team. Thanks so much Susan, Mike, Bill and Cheryl!

After discussing our goals for the day, we all headed back out to the job sites with everyone returning to where they left off yesterday. At Cheryl’s house Susan, Bill, Reid and Max worked to finish up the details. Max located an outlet on the new kitchen wall and got that operational. That meant there was a little work to be done to the drywall as well. Susan and Bill painted the kitchen ceiling, while Reid reinstalled the fan in the bedroom. Then of course there was cleanup work to be done. Everyone was back over at Jackie’s about lunch time. Max did the walk thru at Cheryl’s with Jeff about 2:00. There were a few little items on the punch list like a little additional painting and trim work. Essentially the job is finished but we will send some folks back on a while on Monday to complete the few items. Otherwise everyone is now working at Jackie’s. Today we finished the closet in one of the bedrooms including shelving. Jackie salvaged the wire shelving when all the drywall was torn out. That same bedroom got a coat of wall paint and the window painting is almost complete. Anne and Carol worked in that room most of the day and it is looking better. Bill installed the closet shelving just before we quit for the day. Looking good! Mike and Dave put together a new pressure washer and then resumed their baseboard installation. They have it all down except for a few areas where other work has to be done first. Reid used the new pressure washer to clean the front and back porch in preparation for painting next week. He also pressure washed the siding as needed. Susan, the caulking queen, started caulking the windows and baseboards. It looks so great! We will of course have touch up work to do on the walls as we get closer to complete.

We accomplished a lot this week! A great job by our team! The team went back to Cheryl’s late this afternoon to do a Blessing service and present her a Bible. Even though we are going back Monday to finish a few touch-ups, we decided to to this presentation today. Some of the team had never seen the Bible presented and Bill and Cheryl and Reid are leaving tomorrow morning. Bill led us in a service of blessing the home culminating in Max presenting the Bible to Cheryl and prayer. Cheryl was so happy and excited. She loves her home.

Blessing of Cheryl's home
Blessing of Cheryl’s home

Lumberton Team Picture 2018 Week 4After completing the home blessing we all returned home for a quick shower and the we all went to dinner at Pier 41. Jeff and Ann joined us for dinner. Ann brought us a cake for dessert as well as a bag of candy for each family. So much for loosing weight. While we were at Pier 41, the District Superintendent for this area came in for dinner. We were able to meet and visit with him for a while. He is very interested in spending his retirement as a NOMAD and asked for a pamphlet which of course we gave him. Always recruiting. Everyone enjoyed their dinner and dessert. Today was a really good day.

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