More of the Same Wednesday

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

It was another picture perfect day and we again enjoyed sitting outside for morning break and lunch. The sun was so bright by afternoon break we stayed inside out of the sun.

Reid led us for our morning devotion time this morning using Bob Goff’s book “Love Does”. He read an except of the first chapter and from that excerpt it seemed it might be a book we would enjoy. The church we attended while in Oxford, MS had Mr Goff speaking there last week. It was probably very good. Reid encouraged us to remember that God is waiting to take our smallness into greatness and that He is always with us.

We discussed yesterday’s work and then headed back to the jobs we left yesterday. Susan went back to Cheryl’s house with Reid and Bill to work on the bedroom ceiling. They completed the installation and got everything painted and caulked. The only thing left to do there is to reinstall the ceiling fan – unless we get something added to the work order tomorrow when Max and Jeff do the final walk-thru. Cheryl is so happy and excited about the work we have done there.  We could get to do a give a Bible to Cheryl tomorrow. Would love to get to do that before Reid and Bill leave.

Anne, Dave, Carol and Mike were back at Jackie’s and Max again worked at both locations helping wherever needed, and kept us all in the needed supplies. Dave and Mike continued to cut and install baseboard. There is a lot of baseboard in this house. They are close to having it installed in all the rooms that are complete enough for base. There will also be some additional to install when we get the cabinets installed. Carol and Anne worked in one of the bedrooms making some repairs to the drywall and preparing for paint tomorrow. Anne also painted the closet in that bedroom. Carol worked on priming the windows this afternoon. The house is coming along but still lots to be done.

Tonight Bill and Cheryl (NOMAD Cheryl) went to see their grandchildren who live about an hour away, for trick or treating. We didn’t have any kids trick or treat us at the campground. Hope you had a great day. Tomorrow is NOMAD Friday. We will be ready for the “long” weekend.

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