Getting Ready For Week Two

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Today the sun came out and it was a beautiful day. Quite cool and nice. The high was in the low 60’s.

We of course went to church this morning. We took our new team members back to Chestnut Street UMC, our sponsoring agency. Again, worship was good, the congregation welcoming. The pastor talked to us a while after the service. He is such a nice person. It was a treat to visit with him again. The team decided to skip eating out and head on back to the campground to await the arrival of the rest of the team. Susan and Mike were first in, sometime after three and then Bill and Cheryl arrived about 5:45.

We delayed team meeting a bit but then had everyone visit with us in FRED. It was a little cramped with 9 people but we managed just fine. A few snacks and some time to get to know one another. Nice. We reviewed the opening meeting check list with everyone and will review the work to be done this week in the morning after devotion. It was a good day.

Since we didn’t take any pictures here today, we included a few pictures of the last day Constructors for Christ worked at New Heights Church. Click here to go back a few weeks in the blog to see what it looked like when we arrived. (Thanks, Linda, for the pictures)

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