Coming And Going

Saturday, October 27, 2018

It didn’t rain any today. It looked like it was going to rain several times but never did. Finally late this afternoon we saw the sun for a few moments. It was cold all day. However, tomorrow and the next few days should be rather nice.

Team members leaving

All of our last week team members pulled out this morning before lunch. After saying goodbyes to everyone Anne made her first call to interview potential new NOMADS members. This is one of her duties as a member of the Board. She calls people who live in the southeast jurisdiction when they apply for membership to give them more information and answer questions. Then we headed to the grocery store for a few items. We headed back home and had some leftovers from Thursday night’s dinner for lunch. Shortly after that Carol and Dave arrived. So thankful they arrived safely. After they got set up, we (Dave, Carol, Reid and the two of us) decided to go to Cookout for milkshakes. This Cookout was different. It is only a drive-thru. We had planned to go in, sit down and visit while enjoying our shakes. Oh, well. We bought our shakes and came back to the campground and visited in FRED. We had a good afternoon. And yes, the shakes were just as good as the ones in Tuscaloosa. Hope everybody is enjoying their weekend.

Dave and Carol and Reid in place
Dave and Carol and Reid in place

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