The Start Of A Big Project

Saturday, September 29, 2018

The church when we arrivedSo we arrived here in Pineville, KY yesterday and Max and Randy were on the job site in Middlesboro at 8:00 this morning. Unfortunately, due to rain the metal building people are behind. The roof was suppose to be on but the contractor started on it today. However, at the pace they were going today, we doubt it will be finished by the time we leave on Friday. Hopefully it will not slow us down too much. We will be using metal on the interior walls so we can build those out without the roof. For those that may be new to our blog, we are working with a different group this week – Constructors for Christ. Each year this group builds a church or family life center. We provide five weeks of labor and the church provides the materials. If it is small church, we may complete the building, but if it is larger structure such as this year, we will not complete the building but will have saved them a lot of money on labor for five weeks. We only work one week, as most people, and work it with Max’s brother, Randy, and sister-in-law, Debra. It is a wonderful week when we get to work and visit. They stay with us in FRED and we have fun. This project usually begins on Father’s Day but the church had weather and permit problems and the project was delayed until now. Randy and Max repaired some trailer wiringUnfortunately, we will be short many of our usual workers due to the delay. Our team this week will be less than ½ of our norm with about 20 expected versus about 45-50 on a usual week one. Oh well, God will use and bless what we are able to get done. Today Max and Randy first repaired one of our tool trailers electrical connections that were damaged in their travel to KY. Later they worked on installing the base channels so we will be ready to begin some walls Monday Morning.

Anne and Debra set up the storeDebra and Anne worked on setting up the “store” today. We sell T-shirts, hats, water bottles, etc with the Constructors logo. We folded shirts and displayed merchandise for most of the day. We have some new designs this year. We probably have some new shirts in our future.

Tomorrow the rest of the team will arrive, and we will have our first team meeting tomorrow night. We look forward to a great week.

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