Rainy Day

Friday, October 26, 2018

Our view most of the dayThis time the weather forecasters were correct. They said that today would be a wet day and it has been wet all day. We have had a few minutes when it wasn’t raining but most of the time it has been raining since about 3:00 am.

It was a good day to stay at home. It was such a good day to stay at home that we stayed here all day. Also every member of the team that were scheduled to leave today decided they really didn’t have to be anywhere else and decided to spend one more night in Lumberton. Dinner with Ann and JeffSince we were all still here we all went out to dinner again tonight except this time Ann and Jeff (our agency contacts) got to go with us. We all had a great time at Texas Roadhouse and really good food too. It was nice to have another evening with the team when were were all a little more rested than last night.

We also had one of our new team members arrive just before we left for dinner. Reid arrive in the midst of a downpour. He had to have a miserable drive from Hayesville today. Max helped him get backed in before we left for dinner. We will have one more couple arrived tomorrow and then two more Sunday.

Otherwise, we spent the day doing laundry and lots of paperwork. From the rain on the roof it sounds like it will be good sleeping weather again tonight but tomorrow is suppose to be a nice day. Hope you have a good weekend. Pray for safe travels for all our traveling NOMADS please.

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