Week One Done

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Lumberton Team Picture 2018 Week 3
Lumberton Team Picture 2018 Week 3: Sharon, Gary, Ginger, Ogie, Larry, Bill, Anne, Max

Today started out cold and then didn’t warm up very much. We pretty much had on at least three layers all day, rather than down to a short sleeve T-shirt. We had a little sun today but most of the day it was overcast.

We have had great devotions this week. Today Ginger had us thinking about asking of God and then actually listening. Often we ask God for direction and then are so busy we don’t listen for the answer. She included a wonderful story of her childhood when she road a bike down a hill with a blindfold covering her eyes. BTW, it didn’t end well.

We all went back to work where we left off yesterday. We went over to Sheryl’s house to go over the work order and what had been done this week so we would no where to start Monday and then headed back to Jackie’s house. Today Sharon applied a couple coats of paint to the doors in the back bedroom. She also filled nail holes on trim and painted crown mold. Gary and Max worked on installing doors most of the day and by the end of the day all but one was installed. That last closet door will not be installed until after the water heater is installed in that closet. The doors are taking longer than usual because we are working in a manufactured home and the rough opening are not standard size. So each door and its casing has to be shortened and some of the rough openings have to be widened. Anne worked on some more drywall, filling nail holes and painting Kilz on trim. We all had a good day and are making progress. Larry, Ginger, Bill and Ogie continued work at Sheryl’s house. They completed the bathroom trim, got all the under-layment installed in the kitchen, and re-routed some plumbing. They have done a great job on that house.

All of these organizations were working today at Sheryl’s house.

We all went to dinner tonight at Zeno’s, an Italian restaurant. Max ordered lasagna and Anne had parmesan chicken, both of which were very good. Hoping for a quiet day at home tomorrow, listening to the rain on the roof.

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