Working and Walking Wednesday

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Today was another beautiful day in Lumberton. We could get use to these wonderfully cool, bright sunshine days.

Bill did a great job with our devotion today using the Upper Room from 2013. He figured if we had read it back then, considering all our ages, we had probably forgotten it by now. He would be correct. The scripture was the passage from Ephesians 4 teaching us that Christ is the head and we all contribute our own special gifts to the body. That’s how NOMADS works. We all are gifted differently but when we come together as a team we are able to accomplish God’s will in this place.

We discussed what work needed to be done today and what supplies we all needed and then headed back to the same job sites as yesterday. Sharon, Anne and Max were back at Jackie’s with Gary joining us after visiting the other 2 sites. The girls both painted a good deal today, Sharon putting the semi-gloss on trim and Anne putting the Kilz primer on other trim. Anne also worked on some more drywall patching, and Sharon on filling nail holes. Max and Gary both worked on hanging more doors. We now have a bathroom with a door. Yea!! Doesn’t sound like a lot but it was a busy day. Bill, Ogie, Larry and Ginger continued to install more flooring and repair doors at Sheryl’s house. Gary and Larry went over to the Townsend house to repair a couple of foundation vents first thing this morning and then rejoined the rest of us.

We all gather at Sheryl’s backyard to share our lunch hour. It’s always a fun and funny time. Wish we could have been with this team all three weeks. They are a good group. Tomorrow will be the last work day for everyone but us as we have new team members arriving this weekend.

Lumber River signAfter work today we stopped and walked part of the River Walk trail. We didn’t walk all of it (three miles) but it was interesting to be able to see how high the water rose during this last flood from Hurricane Florence. There are also some very large hoses/pipes along the trail where they were pumping water out of certain areas. There is another trail, the Lumber River-River Trail which we will try another day.

Our neighborsThis afternoon as we came back into the campground we were greeted by our neighboring chickens. One in particular seemed to claim the road. Really wasn’t interested in sharing. Please keep praying for all our safety as we complete our work this week and as everyone is traveling this weekend.

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