Cool Fall Day In Lumberton

October 21, 2018

Our temperature stayed in the 60’s all night and then about 5:00 this morning another cold front blew through and it became cold. It was still about 48 with a stiff wind when we left for church today. Later the sun was out and the wind calmed and it was a beautiful afternoon. Our low tonight is predicted to be in the upper 30’s but at least we do not have a frost advisory like some of you.

Chestnut Street UMC morning worshipThe team went to church at our host church, Chestnut Street UMC, today. They have the same pastor as when we were here last year, Pastor Lowry, and we really like him. He preaches the Word, and you can’t say anything better about a pastor. The congregation is very friendly and welcoming to the NOMADS and supportive of our work in their community. It was a good time of worship.

House we will be working onAfter worship we met with Jeff, our construction superintendent, who also worships at Chestnut Street, and drove over to a house we are going to start in the morning to see where we needed to start. The house still needs lots of work but it is looking good. Most of the drywall work is done as well as the flooring. There is still some painting, electrical, plumbing and lots and lots of trim. We will be in this house for a while which is why our leaders Gary and Sharon are having us start there tomorrow. When we take over leadership next week, we will still have several weeks work left to complete. We will try to see the other two houses that NOMADS have started tomorrow. We are looking forward to our time here.

After meeting with Jeff we went to Pier 41 with Gary and Sharon for a late lunch. Pier 41 was one of our favorite restaurant to visit when we were here last year and it was again very good. It is a local place that does a huge business. Since we were late arriving, we could sit around and visit with Gary and Sharon after we ate since there was no longer a wait line.  We had a quiet afternoon and then it was cool enough for hot chocolate tonight. Fall has arrived! Hope everyone has had a restful and safe weekend. Be careful when you get out in the traffic tomorrow morning!

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