Johnston to Lumberton

October 20, 2018

Today was a cloudy and overcast day almost all day. It rained for just a moment while we were closing up Fred for travel from Johnston to Lumberton. It drizzled for a few minutes after we got settled in Lumberton. When we arrived here it was humid and much warmer than Johnston. The cold front had not yet come through Lumberton. It’s now 6:00 pm and the temperature has started to drop. We are down from 77 a little while ago to 66 now. Our projected low tonight is 49. It will be a windows open night – at least for a while.

Our home for a few weeks
Our home for a few weeks

We are at what used to be East Gate Mobile Home park and has now been converted to a RV park for volunteers of the North Carolina UMC in Robeson County. There are some pecan trees at the entrance. We have 50 amp power, water and sewer connections. We have clear view of the satellites for TV. There is a Walmart Neighborhood Market across the street. Don’t know yet how far we are from the job sites. For the record, we have seen no mosquitoes yet. We had been told they were huge and vicious. We were outside just before dark walking around the park and did not see a single one. Robeson County has had an aggressive spraying program to control the problem and it seems to have worked. We will see as time goes one. Probably the cooler temperatures this next week will help too. We do have some fire ants and have already put out some poison. Maybe the cooler weather will drive them back into the ground too. Anyway, we had a very easy, uneventful drive and are ready to meet the rest of the team and get to work. We appreciate your prayers.

Cache at NC Welcome Center
Geocache at NC Welcome Center

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