First Work Day In Lumberton

Monday, October 22, 2018

Frost on the truck this morning
Frost on the truck this morning

This morning was a cold one. We had to use the gas furnace to warm up FRED since it was too cool for the heat pumps to do the job. It was still 36 degrees when we left for the church for morning meeting. The day warmed up and was a wonderful fall day and a wonderful day to work. Certainly more pleasant than the 105 heat index when we were working her last summer. North Carolina is much nicer in the fall.

Today of course started with our team meeting at 8:00. It was our official start of the Lumberton DR and meeting of our team members who have already worked here for two weeks. We will work as team members this week and take over lead when Gary and Sharon leave this weekend. Of course we have known Gary and Sharon for some time but our other team members, Ogie and Bill and Ginger and Larry are new to us. After just one day we already love them all. The team has been working at two houses, one (Sheryl’s) needing bathroom, bedroom ceiling and kitchen ceiling due to leaks and outside work and another that is getting work on a storage building attached to a house or something of that nature. We haven’t been to that site yet and aren’t quite sure. The team has been doing a great job on the Sheryl’s house. It is looking really good.


Today Sharon, Max and Anne started on house number three. We were excited to meet the owner, Jackie, just before lunch today. She is a very sweet lady and we know we will enjoy working on her home. Her Mom who is 92 lives next door. A lot of the work has already been done, but much is left to do. Today we started with cleaning some paint off floors and covering the new laminate to prevent any damage. We also worked on re-installing electrical outlets, installing doors and began some painting. As is usual for the first day, it seemed to go a little slow today but we are sure things will pick up tomorrow.


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