Gobble, Gobble

October 19, 2018

Today was another beautiful fall day in South Carolina. After another great breakfast and time of visiting, Debra and Anne went to the church to help pack Christmas bags for the students at an elementary school in the area. The school was chosen because the students are from an economically depressed area with all but 3% of the students qualifying for free lunches. Some of the ladies had already acquired the items and arranged them on tables. We worked today to get everything into the bags and then seal the bags. The church will be providing 500 bags for the school. Not only do they do the Christmas bags, they also provide school supplies at the beginning of the year, hygiene items year round, two books per student at the end of the year for summer reading as well as food packs each weekend for a lot of students. Such a good ministry and Anne was so glad she was able to go assist on this project.

After completing their work at the church Anne and Debra stopped by the grocery store and then back home for a late lunch with the guys.

NWTF SignAfter lunch and a rest break the four of us went to the Wild Turkey Center of the National Wild Turkey Federation headquarters located just a few miles from the house. Who knew? Evidently it’s a pretty big deal. Randy drove a bus for a group to visit the museum several months ago and discovered there are at least 6 different walking trails, free for anyone to use. Today we didn’t visit the museum but it is suppose to be full of information on the reintroduction of wild turkeys into the wild. Max remembers riding along on the tractor and wagon with his grandfather many decades ago and releasing wild turkeys in the woods in Blount County as part of the repopulation program. We were interested in hiking the trails and getting some exercise today. We will have to visit the museum another day. The trails were in good shape and through nice wooded areas. There are lakes, butterfly habitats, and other specialty areas. We enjoyed hiking about 2.5 miles of trails and would definitely return to hike the others another day. Today we needed to get on home to start dinner and nope, we didn’t see a single turkey.

Our niece and nephew, Dave and Jennifer, came over for dinner. They both worked today and we appreciated their putting forth the effort to come for a visit. Great to see and visit with them! We all probably ate too much but dinner was so good and the fellowship even better. It’s been a great few days visiting and makes us a little sad to be leaving, but tomorrow we will move on to Lumberton, NC to get back to work.

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