The Ice Man Leaveth

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

It was another early start to the day for Anne and Debra. It was foggy as well but not as bad as yesterday. We were on the road to Middlesboro at 5:25 with two other ladies riding with us so their families didn’t have to get up quite so early. We again had breakfast ready at 7:00 and it was another good one. We had breakfast burritos today, along with fruit, biscuits, gravy, grits, sausage, bacon and probably something else we forgot.

After breakfast the guys headed back to the job site while we stayed to clean things up. Sometime after that the pastor at Shiloh Church, the church that is letting us use their kitchen for four weeks, came by to visit. He is very nice and we had a nice chat. Shiloh is an independent church. Very generous of them to let us use their facility for four weeks. Another church is allowing people to sleep and shower in their facility. It’s very nice to see churches working together rather than thinking they are in some sort of competition.

After the visit, Anne and Debra decided it was time to tackle the huge hunk of ice in the freezer. Some called it a frozen waterfall, others the ice man, others abominable snowman. We used all sorts of tools including a hair dryer, ice pick, a small pry bar, pliers, squeegee, and large mop bucket. It got pretty funny. Actually, it got very funny and there was a lot of laughing today. We tried to get the ice down to an easily manageable size but didn’t quite make that goal. The first large piece that came tumbling out glanced off Anne’s knee leaving it’s mark and then sliding out into the middle of the kitchen floor. It was absolutely slick as glass. The remaining huge piece we were able to remove with a little more control. It took all morning but shortly before lunch we had the freezer defrosted, dried, and everything returned to the unit. It was quite a job, but one we were glad to do as a small thank you to the church. One of the ladies in the office came down just in to to see us finishing up. She was so excited.

The team prepared some great desserts today, cookies for lunch and German chocolate pie for dinner. We also had meatloaf meatballs tonight. Yep, another five pound project.

The guys made a lot of progress today. Max and Randy learned to build and install metal headers. They also put down a lot more metal base channel. More walls were also framed. They had several heavy rains to contend with as well. But it was a very productive day.

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