First Full Work Day In Middlesboro

Monday, October 1, 2018

It was another really nice day in Middlesboro, Ky. Again it got hot in the afternoon but the morning was cool and foggy.

The day started really early for Anne and Debra with the alarm at 4:45. It was really foggy so we left for Middlesboro about 5:25. We had to start breakfast at 6:00 so the guys could eat at 7:00 and then head to the job site. On summer projects they start work at 6:00 and work an hour or hour and half then have breakfast, but there are no lights at the job site here and it’s still too dark to work at 6:00 so the schedule was changed. Anne is working with Debra and the other 6 ladies providing meals for everyone. We only have 25 people working this week. A usual summer project is about 50-60 people. We couldn’t divide the cooking into teams and prepare one meal a day with only eight people agreeing to work the kitchen. So we are all working together and cooking three meals each day for 25 people. Tonight we are really tired and confess that cooking 3 meals a day for 25 is a lot of work. Our team works really well together and we prepared three good meals today. Everyone seemed to enjoy.

The guys are working really hard too out at the building site. Max and Randy spent most of their day laying out walls and installing base channel. Others were putting up studs and top plates. It was a long day for them too, but they got a lot accomplished.


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