Another Really Busy Day

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

It was another foggy morning. It seemed REALLY foggy while we were on the winding, mountain roads. It cleared some after we got on 25E headed to Middlesboro but was still foggy when we arrived at Shiloh church to prepare breakfast at 6:00.

About half the roof is done nowThe guys got a lot of work done today. The framing is coming on along. They are still working around the roofers and at times are in each other’s way. The roof is now about ½ complete. As we predicted, we are not going to see a completed roof before we leave. Max and Randy completed their task of installing bridging clips and then began laying out and installing base channel for the interior offices and rooms.

The ladies really had an easier day today because one of the church members owns several Papa John’s stores and provided us with 8 large pizzas for dinner tonight. We just prepared salads and banana splits to go along with the pizzas. It was such a nice thing to do for us. They brought eight pizzas and there was not much left. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the treat. Thanks.

Debra and Anne returned to the Bible college campus thinking they would wash some clothes this afternoon but ended up deciding to do a little house cleaning instead. The heavy rains yesterday made the work site really muddy and we had tracked some inside. Fred is easy to clean and it didn’t take long so we got a few minutes to just rest.

One more full work day tomorrow and we will be packing up to head back to Alabama. Hope you are having a good week.

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