Fun Sunday In Kentucky

Sunday, September 30, 2018

The last day of September was a beautiful day in the mountains of Kentucky. Low of about 61 this morning but it warmed up to the upper 80’s this afternoon. Tomorrow is suppose to be cooler.

We drove over to Middlesboro, about 15 miles, and worshiped with the congregation for whom we are framing a building, New Heights Church. They are currently worshiping in a small gym type building, Making Ripples Studio, and it was pretty full today. During the week there are zumba classes and the like in the worship area. The music and preaching were good and the congregation very welcoming. They are very excited we are here to help build their new church.

After church we decided to ride up to Pine Mountain Resort State Park for lunch. It is back in Pineville where Fred is parked. It is a beautiful park on top of a mountain. The lodge is rustic with a large fireplace as you first walk in. The dining room has windows on all sides with beautiful views of the mountains and valley below. In a few more weeks when the leaves are in full color, (they are just beginning to change), the place will probably be packed with people enjoying the leaves. The view alone was worth the cost of our meal and it was a good meal. We all ate too much.

To work off some of our lunch, we drove on up the mountain past the lodge to the parking area for Chained Rock Trail. Chained Rock is so named because there are two very large boulders that are “chained together” to keep them from crashing down on the town of Pineville and destroying it. The chain links are quite large and weight 7 pounds each. They chain is over 100 feet long. The story goes that the children were afraid to go to sleep with the boulders looming above, afraid they would be crushed by the boulder during the night. Some say it was a publicity stunt to attract visitors to the new state park but you can read the sign. It was a nice hike with a beautiful view so even if it is just a crazy story and stunt we enjoyed our time on the mountain.

At Chained Rock
At Chained Rock

We had our opening meeting tonight and Anne and Debra will be cooking breakfast starting at 6:00 in the morning. Looking forward to a good week.

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