Rainy, But Good, Sunday

Sunday, September 23, 2018

It rained off and on during the night and all day today. There was no morning walk due to the rain. But the temperatures are really nice. Low last night of 67, high today of 77. It’s continuing to rain intermittently tonight. Anne didn’t have her 10,000 steps today so she was out walking tonight after our NOMAD memorial service to get her steps.

We started the day with morning announcements and then we had a worship service. Rev Tommy Ward a Methodist pastor from Oxford Mississippi led us in worship and then communion. His message was titled “Walk the Walk”. Very good service when ended with us singing “Let There Be Peace On Earth” and a spontaneous ring of NOMADS holding hands encircling the convention center. It was really cool.

Our meetings began this afternoon with new leader training, experienced leader training and then a reception for all the NOMADS attending their first annual meeting that we attended as board member. Tonight we had a memorial service for the NOMADS we have lost this year. It was a hard year as we lost 24 of our members. After that we worked on setting the building for the Love Auction and then came home ready for some rest. Busy but good day.

Poem used in tonight’s memorial service:


Hold high the torch!
You did not light its’ glow–
“Twas given you by other hands, you know.
‘Tis yours to keep it burning bright,
Yours to pass on when you no more need light;
For there are other feet we must guide,
And other forms go marching by our side;
Their eyes are watching every smile and tear
And efforts which we think are not worthwhile,
Are sometimes just the very helps they need,
Actions to which their souls would give most heed;
So that in turn they’ll hold it high
And say, “I watched someone else carry it this way.”
If brighter paths should beckon you to choose,
Would your small gain compare with all you’d lose?
Hold high the torch!
You did not light its’ glow–
‘Twas given you by other hands, you know.
I think it started down its’ pathway bright,
The day the Maker said: “Let there be light.”
And He once said, who hung on Calvary’s tree–
“Ye are the light of the world…Go!…Shine-for me.”

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