What a Difference a Day Makes

Saturday, September 22, 2018

What a difference a day makesWe had rain overnight and today was a cloudy and much cooler day, with intermittent sprinkles. Yesterday was almost unbearably hot and today it was 69 degrees at 2:00pm. It was 71 when we left for our morning walk and the forecast called for a high of 75 but we never made it above 73. With the dampness everyone was walking around in jackets. Anne went back to FRED to put on a long sleeve shirt. Crazy weather. We were 10 degrees above normal and now we are 10 degrees below.

Parking crewMax led members in their RV’s to their assigned sites most of the day. Anne was again in meetings most of the day. Not much to say about our day except we were so glad to see some of our good friends arrive. We went to dinner with Mark and Jo and Rita and Dave. They were all on our Baton Rouge team. Mark and Lisa were going to go with us as well but they hadn’t arrived yet. We will catch them another day. We had such a good time catching up and laughing. Such a fun group.

Tomorrow we will have our church service and communion here at the campground. Then after lunch we will have some classes. It will probably be another busy day but not as busy as today. Hope you are having a great weekend and that the cooler weather arrives at your location soon. It is nice.

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