Busy, Rainy Monday

Monday, September 24, 2018

Afternoon showerIt rained all night and most of the day. There was water everywhere. There was no walking this morning. There was time today that there was water running through the RV sites to the point some sewer connections were under water. A neighbor with a tow dolly had water half way up the tires. It was some pretty impressive rain. Then late after noon it stopped and the sun was shining brightly. Soon everyone was outside walking and visiting.

Our days at annual meeting begin early. We have Bible study at 7:00. NOMAD Louie Lyon, a retired pastor, is leading the study this year. It is a very good study on what Jesus taught about himself. Louie reminded us that what we understand about Jesus is ever changing. Jesus doesn’t change but as we study his Word and grow in our faith our understanding of His teachings changes and deepens. We must remember we are not all at the same place in our understanding. And that’s okay. After Bible study we have about 30 minutes of singing and gathering together. Then we have a devotion/message, with today’s by another NOMAD, Bill Koch, another retired pastor. Bill, who is also on our Board, did his usual great job, teaching us to “Go where the feet need washing.” We as NOMADS always need to constantly remember that we the hands and feet of Jesus. The term servant sometimes is considered a derogatory label and not something to be desired but we are called to be servants, even if it’s to clean dirty feet – or bathrooms.

After devotion, we assisted in preparing for the auction. We worked on receiving the items people were donating. We have a lot of really nice items to sell. All our items are donated by our members or sometimes agencies were we work or just friends of NOMADS. We aren’t sure of the final count yet because a few items will come in tomorrow but it is around 500 items. Most will be sold through the silent auction but we will also have a live auction tomorrow afternoon. It is always a fun time. Other than getting ready for auction, today was a day of tours and fun. There were Graceland tours, civil rights museum tours, Pink Palace tours, and trips to see the Peabody Hotel ducks. We both worked most of the day. We did get our walking in late this afternoon.

Tonight was movie night and we watched “Secondhand Lions”, of course with popcorn and cookies. If you haven’t watched this one you should. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Tomorrow should be another very busy but fun day.

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