A Walk and More Work

Friday, September 20, 2018

Sunrise on our walk
Sunrise on our walk

Today started out hot. It was 77 with 95% humidity at 6:30 when we did our morning walk. Today we walked out from the campground in a different direction and walked through a research area of Shelby Farms. It would be interesting to have a tour of that area but probably they don’t share all those secrets. As we walked on we came to a large stand of bamboo. The signs said it’s panda food, so we googled it and the Memphis Zoo does have pandas. Guess they are feeding them the bamboo we saw. It was a pretty walk out through fields. We saw a large herd of deer at one area. We also went by MidSouth Raptor Center. They serve this area of TN, northern MS, eastern Arkansas to assist in raptor rehabilitation and with education. It was a small place but thay have about 20 cages on their grounds for the large birds. We were too early for the center to be open but it would be nice to see the birds.

Max and Anne were both working this morning. Max was again out in the heat parking RVs. Anne was in the cool inside. It was announced today that Anne was elected to the Board of Directors of NOMADS so she will be busy with the administration of our organization. Today was her first Board meeting. Anne knows it is a huge honor to have been elected by our members but also recognizes the responsibility and is committed to working hard for the members.

Tonight Max found some aerial photography of the area of Lumberton, NC where we worked last year. Sadly we recognized one of the homes we repaired. It was flooded again. So sad. Better news, it appears the RV park where we park did not flood so maybe we can continue our work this fall as planned.

Tomorrow will be another busy day of meetings and parking. There will be many more arriving tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the busiest day for the parking crew. Looking forward to the rest of our members arriving safely.

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