Hot In Memphis

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Shelby Farms Park signWe slept late this morning. It will be the last day we can sleep in for a number of days, so we took advantage of it. Morning hikeWe took a late walk over to the Shelby Farms Refuge and walked about 3 miles. Nice walk and pretty area. There are lots of trails around here. We would use them a lot more if it was not so unbearably hot. In a little over a week when we are in the hills of Kentucky we will probably be looking for jackets but right now that sounds really nice. Max was working parking today and the guys had to watch to be sure no one became dehydrated.

Welcome NOMADSParking duty was pretty easy today except for the heat. Only a few arrivals today. Tomorrow and Saturday will be the busy days for parking crew. While Max was working, Anne went to the Farmer’s Market and bought some beautiful fresh veggies. Lunch was all from the market. Corn, they called bread and butter, which in Alabama we call peaches and cream, fresh shelled butter beans, very tasty tomatoes. It was all very good! Love our fresh veggies. It’s getting late in the season and they now have some of the later produce which we may get later in the week.


Please don’t forget to continue praying for the flooding victims. We are supposed to be in Lumberton, NC next month to continue working on damage from Hurricane Mathew. Don’t know yet what will happen to that project because some of the homes have probably flooded again from Florence. Just can’t imagine those families having to go through all this again. Looking forward to more friends arriving in Memphis tomorrow and Saturday. Safe travels everyone.

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