Memphis, Here We Come

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Today was really hot. We started the day with our walk and a temperature of about 72 but it quickly started climbing. So glad we are not still at Camp Lake Stephens working in this heat. The heat index was over 100 today with a blue sky and only a few puffy clouds.

After our walk, we started the final process of closing up for travel. We checked in on Carol and Dave. We stopped at the dump station and emptied our holding tanks because we didn’t know if we would have sewer connections in Memphis and then hit the road again. Today could hardly be called a travel day. It was more like a repositioning. We had about a one hour drive from Hernando up interstate 55 to Germantown, TN and the Memphis AgriCenter. It’s a fairgrounds with RV camp ground. It’s more like parking in a parking lot really close together. Fortunately for us we are parked in a full hookup site, 50amp, water and sewer. They evidently assigned sites in the order we registered and we were early enough to get sewer, too. That will make life much easier since we will be here until a week from Friday. With sewer we can wash clothes and have everything ready for a week at Constructors when we leave here early next Friday morning.At the fairgrounds

After getting things setup and organized, we started getting familiar with the campground. A number of our friends came in today too, so there were lots of hugs all around. Can’t wait for everyone else to come in over the next few days. We are here early because Max is working on the parking committee and Anne is on the registration team. We found the farmers market that is here on the property and will be back there tomorrow morning to make some purchases. Some of the produce looked really good. We didn’t make it up to the meeting areas today but from a distance they looked large and nice. We will do some more exploring tomorrow. So we are here just east of Memphis for the next eight days. It should be some work and fun.


Sunset at the fairgrounds

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