Another Short Travel Day

Friday, September 14, 2018

Yesterday's sunrise
Yesterday’s sunrise

We did not set the clock to get us up this morning. The first day in three weeks. Of course, as usual with moving days, we really didn’t sleep very late. We were up about 6:30 and walking about 7:45 instead of 6:00. No sunrise viewing this morning. However, we somehow found our sunrise picture from yesterday. It was a glorious sunrise so we had to share it with you today.

We took our time getting ready to leave Camp Lake Stephens. We cooked breakfast, washed the last load of clothes, and cleaned the house. We always like to have all the housekeeping done before departure if possible so that when we arrive at our destination it takes just a short time to be setup and enjoying our new location. Today we also did one last walk around Camp Lake Stephens to take a few last pictures. We really like the new windows at the dining hall. The next NOMADS group may be giving the front of the building a new coat of paint after annual meeting. Some of the staff are suppose to get it pressure washed next week.

Shannon and Mariel pulling out
Shannon and Mariel pulling out

Shannon and Mariel were first to leave and had the longest drive but only to Starkville, MS. Next to leave were John and Kitti, who had the shortest drive today, Sardis, MS. Then we departed for Hernando Point COE campground located a few miles from Hernando, MS. Dave and Carol were just a few minutes behind us and are also here at Hernando Point. Hernando is about 62 miles from Oxford and on about 25 miles from Memphis, TN, our next destination. Don’t have all the information together about the park and lake tonight but will share more later. The lake is lovely and the campground wooded and quiet. After getting set up, Dave and Carol joined us for a trip into town for pizza and groceries. We then returned to camp, put away the groceries, and took a walk around the campground. Always enjoy seeing everyone’s RV’s when we walk. There is a beautiful Terry Classic a few sites from us. We are settled in and will use the next few days to rest, finish our preparations for our presentation for annual meeting and just have a little fun. Hope you all have a fun weekend.


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