Wrapping up at CLS

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Sunset in Oxford
Sunset in Oxford

We were up early again this morning so we would have time to get a full walk in before devotion. We had plans for this evening and knew we wouldn’t get to walk tonight. While walking we enjoyed a beautiful sunrise. We thought we had a picture but don’t know what happened to it. Several of our team members who also saw it said it was the prettiest sunrise they had ever seen. Then this evening we had a beautiful sunset. What a wonderful way to end our time at Camp Lake Stephens.

Carol shared our devotion this morning using Mark 16:2-3. The ladies went to Jesus’ tomb but didn’t know how they were going to move the stone. A huge immovable object between the ladies and Jesus whom they loved. The stone had been moved when they arrived. Jesus moves the stones in our lives giving us access to himself. After devotion Dave read us a funny story on “How the Internet was Started (Biblical Version)” You should read it. After morning meeting, our camp director, Rich, took us to the gift shop and allowed us all to pick a Camp Lake Stephens T-shirt as a thank you gift. Thanks so much

We did get to work today. The garden crew – Anne, Max, Carol, Mariel and Kitti finished up the garden today. It was hot, tiring work but they pushed through. We repaired the sliding barn doors on the shed. We emptied the shed of all sorts of gardening equipment, seeds, fertilizer, weed killer, and all sorts of other things and returned them to the main camp. There was also a tiller and wood chipper. The shed will now be used for game and athletic equipment.

The remainder of the team, Dave, Del, Peggy, Shannon, and John continued working on the barn. It is looking really good.

Contractor installing new windows in Dining Hall
Oh, the contractor was here installing new windows in Dining Hall. Hopefully we can get a picture of it finished tomorrow.

This has been a really hard working team that accomplished a lot for the camp. It’s been a fun three weeks and we have made some wonderful new friends. Tonight we all had our final dinner together at a local Italian restaurant. All but Del and Peggy will be heading on down the road in the morning. Del and Peggy are working another week and then will be going to Memphis for annual meeting. Actually our entire team is going to annual meeting so we will see them all again in about 10 days. Looking forward to it.

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