A Needed Day

Saturday, September 15, 2018

We had a quiet night at Hernando Point and enjoyed getting up at a leisurely pace this morning. BreakfastOur morning walk was about two miles and then we got together with Dave and Carol for breakfast. Dave and Carol had a great artisan bread, cinnamon and pecan, and Max made us all some wonderful french toast. After breakfast and a time of relaxing, we explored the campground a little more. The first loop of the campground is currently closed for upgrades and repairs. When reopened in a few weeks, those sites will have full hookups including sewer. It appears they will be closing and improving the sites in sections. There will be some nice sites in the first loop. However, this COE park doesn’t appear to have the loving care of the COE parks in our area. All the grass needs cutting. A lot more campers came in today but the park still isn’t full.

This afternoon we sat beside the river and watched the fish and birds and fishermen. We even saw a pair of bald eagles fly by.  There was a nice breeze. Very relaxing. Later Anne watched some football.

Anne making a key lime pieAnne made a Key Lime pie and we had some of that with Dave and Carol after dinner tonight. It was a slow quiet day. Just what we needed.

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