Winding Down

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

We awoke to some light rain on our roof this morning. Sounded so good we slept in a little. To bad it was a work day. It was a little warmer this morning but still a cool 65 degrees. We waited until 7:30 when it was no longer raining and got a quick 20 minute walk.

Mariel and Shannon shared devotion with us. Shannon shared “The Happiest People Are Those Who Realized That God Is Enough” and Mariel a reading on joy. There was good sharing and conversation. Of course our prayer time included a lot of concern for everyone in the path of Florence. We are scheduled to be working a disaster rebuild project working on home damaged by Hurricane Matthew in North Carolina this fall. Wondering if those plans will have to change due to Florence. It sure looks like there may be a lot of damage. We have family in North and South Carolina and have been thinking about them a lot the past few days. Everyone stay safe!

After devotion we were all off to work. Max, Anne, Mariel, Carol, Peggy and Kitti headed back to the garden. We thought we had completed that project today. YEA! We have sorted about 100 tomato cages and saved 40 for the new garden. We have removed all the fencing and rolled it up for disposal. We removed the landscape materiel, pulled up the boards making the raised beds, safed the nails and stacked the lumber. We also pulled up all the posts for the fencing. By the way, the sun was out and it was HOT and HUMID!




Tractor operator in training
Tractor operator in training

As the temperature was getting hotter, Peggy went to the barn to work with John, Shannon, Dave and Del. Kitti joined her after lunch. After we completed the tasks in the garden, before we headed back up Heart Attack Hill, Max gave Mariel a lesson on driving the tractor. She was thrilled. She looks great sitting on that Kubota seat. Late this afternoon, we were asked to return to the lower garden tomorrow to clean out a shed by the garden and repair the door. We will work on that tomorrow.

The barn project is also looking good. It won’t be completed when we close down our time here tomorrow but there is another team coming in after annual meeting so they will get to finish that project.




Contractor came this evening to prepare window opning for new windows
Window frame partially wrapped

The window people finally arrived about 3:30 today to work on the dining room windows. Today they got all the wood we installed wrapped in metal and the windows are to be installed tomorrow. Hope they get that done before we leave Friday. We have really enjoyed our time here at Camp Lake Stephens.

Root beer floats after workAfter work today, Dave and Carol treated us to root beer floats.  Wow!  Those really hit the spot on this hot day.  We all enjoyed some extra time together visiting and enjoying our floats. Thanks Dave and Carol.

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