Windows Day

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

We had another wonderfully cool morning today. Our morning walks are so much nicer at the cooler temperatures. The high was only 74 so it was another great day to be working outside. We know that summer isn’t over yet but we sure are enjoying this taste of fall.

Kitty and John led our devotion times this morning. They led us in the Lord’s Prayer and as each line was said, God answered. It was really good and funny at times. Kitty also read a Camper’s Prayer, which those of us who travel in RVs, find really cute.

Dave installing paneling in new shop
Dave installing paneling in new shop

We again changed plans today based on the needs of the camp. The men returned to the barn for a while in the morning while the ladies all started the day at the dining hall taking out the two large front windows. We started by removing the glass as we really didn’t want broken glass in the flower beds. The windows looked to be about late 50’s early 60’s vintage and were next to impossible to remove due to glazing and caulking that had been applied through the years to try to stop leaks. We used our oscillating tools to make the process move a little faster but it still took till noon to get the glass out. Then we started cutting the metal frames. After our first break some of the guys joined us and after lunch we were all working on the windows. We got both large windows removed, all the rotten lumber around the windows removed and the windows framed back up and covered with tarps for the night. The contractor is supposed to be here in the morning to install the new windows. Hopefully he will arrive as planned. I’m sure there are more youth groups scheduled for the weekend and the dining hall will need to be back in service. Plus we have rain predicted. Can’t wait to see the new windows. It should really help the appearance of the dining hall.

We all worked really hard today with a lot of time on the ladders. Going to bed early tonight. We only have two more work days here at Camp Lake Stephens and have lots more we would like to accomplish.

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