Rainy Day Work

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Today was another day of intermittent rain but nothing even approached severe. We did get more rain overnight and don’t know the storm total for this area but definitely had enough rain for a while. When we walked this morning it was again 70 degrees and 95% humidity. At lunch it was 80 and still 95% humidity. We are ready for some dryer air.

Evening RainbowWhen we walked this morning we saw what we think we two foxes run across the road in front of us. They were in the shadows, so we couldn’t be positive but they looked like foxes to us. On our afternoon walk we saw a beautiful rainbow. Walking is good for the body but also good for the spirit.

Peggy had our devotion today and as God often works when He is trying to tell us something, Peggy used the same scripture from Mathew that we had in our Seedbed devotion from Mark 4:35-41. It’s where Jesus is asleep in the boat during the storm. The main point is to not panic during the storms of life, but to trust Jesus. Even if you don’t usually read Seedbed Daily Devotion, you should read today’s. It’s a good one.

After devotion, we went back to our rainy day assignments from yesterday. Kitty completed the curtains for the retreat cabin and Carol and Mariel (the curtain crew) hung them this afternoon. They look very good. Kitty joined the Ikea furniture crew (Anne and Peggy) and they completed the three drawer chest they started yesterday and then completed a large cube storage unit and then put together a bed.

Dave, Del, John, Shannon and Max continued the barn remodel. Max and Shannon worked on electrical rough-in while the others completed framing in a window and then moved on to insulation. Dave helped out wherever needed.

By the end of the day all the curtains were complete and all the furniture was complete. We will have to see what they need us to do tomorrow.

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