Rain Doesn’t Slow The Team Down

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Can’t say it was a beautiful day today but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it might have been. There has been no severe weather in our area and we pray that continues. We had a few light sprinkles this morning, some rain after lunch for a short time and then it started raining just as we were getting back to Fred shortly after 4:00 and it continues now at 8:30 pm. Really wouldn’t mind if it continues at bedtime tonight. Good sleeping weather. From the looks of the radar, it looks like Alabama probably had worse weather than we have had here. However, we could have some flooding in the surrounding area if it hangs around too long. Hope everyone is safe and dry.

We had devotion for the team today and since everyone had been so interested in Tropical Storm Gordon we did a devotion we call “How do you stop a hurricane?” It was well received with some good discussion following.

We all had two different assignments today. The first for this morning prior to expected rain and the second for after the rain arrived what ever time that might be. Anne, Mariel, Kitty, Peggy and Carol began in the new garden, installing the gate and beginning the fencing. Max, Shannon and Del continued their work on the sun shade area that we are calling the Maypole area. They cut off the top of the center pole to the specified height and installed all the eye bolts in it. They reinstalled a bench that had to be moved to erect the outside poles.  John and Dave returned to the barn to continue building the new maintenance shop..


We all went to our rainy day jobs shortly after break. That sent Max, Shannon and Del to the barn to join Dave and John, Anne and Peggy back to putting together more IKEA furniture for the hermitage cottage, Kitty to sewing some curtains for the cottage and Carol and Mariel installing new curtains in various cabins. Nobody missed a beat and we all had another productive day for Camp Lake Stephens. And even with all the rain, since we got a good walk in early this morning we still totaled over five miles and 14,000 steps today.


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