Start Of Week Two

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

It was another beautiful day in Oxford.  However, it was hot and humid. At 6:00 am when we walked it was a cool 70 degrees but with 95% humidity. The calendar changing to September certainly doesn’t mean the start of fall in the south.

Kitty brought our devotion this morning from Isaiah 6:8, where the question is “Whom shall I send?” She reminded us that spiritual renewal leads to service. Likewise faithful service leads to spiritual renewal. Thanks, Kitty, for another wonderful start to our day.

Since Hurricane Gordon is headed for the Mississippi gulf coast which will probably lead to rain in our area for the next couple of days, our work plans have changed. Today we all worked on the outside items and once the rain starts we will all be inside. Max, Shannon, Peggy and part of the day Del and Sara the Intern, worked on installing 4×4 posts, digging the holes, installing the posts and setting in concrete. This will be a sun screen area when the project is complete. The post holes were the challenge. The ground is very hard.

Anne, Kitty, Mariel and Del for the first part of the day worked in the garden. We are moving 40 tomato cages from the lower garden to the new upper garden we are making. There are also a lot of additional older cages we are reading for disposal. We are also removing the fencing and will be pulling up all the 4×4 posts at the old garden. We are moving to garden to an area closer to the kitchen so that they will have easier access to the crops.

Carol, Dave and John continued to work on the barn area that is being converted to maintenance. Today they framing in some windows and starting the electrical rough-in.

We were all pretty exhausted by the end of the day. The heat slowed us down. Even so it was another productive day and another fun day of serving our Lord in this place.

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