Happy Labor Day (and Birthdays)!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Happy Labor Day! Hope you have all enjoyed your day.

Yesterday was another beautiful day. Of course the team went to church and we again went to Oxford-University UMC. And again we went to the modern service in their nice new facility. This is the service that our camp director attends with his family. This week the senior pastor had the message, his first service in the new facility. It was a wonderful service in a very nice new facility. After service we were all going out to dinner together but the restaurant we chose had an hour wait so we just came back to Fred for lunch. We were really tired and spent the afternoon resting and napping.

Birthday Cake and Homemade Ice CreamOur team for this project is a little unusual. We had one team member with a birthday last week and two team members with birthdays today. So in addition to a labor day celebration we celebrated the three birthdays, Carol, Peggy and Dell. This afternoon we grilled out and each of us brought a side. We took mac and cheese we made in our Instant Pot. It was the first time we tried mac and cheese in the pot and were pleased with the results. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it as well. Labor Day and Birthday Get TogetherWe also made some vanilla ice cream, with peaches and other toppings to go with the red velvet cake and brownies. It was a fun dinner and celebration. Otherwise is was just a laid back restful day.

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