Still Waiting

Thursday, July 26, 2018

The weather has been nicer the past few days with cooler mornings but still 90 or so by the afternoon. No rain the past few days either. Wednesday and today were just waiting days. We were told we had to go to cabinet shop before going to paint and the cabinet shop has been backed up. Yesterday and this morning we did our 3.4 miles and then worked around the rig, visited with people, told the NOMADS story and handed out NOMADS pamphlets. Cardinal Drive-In Ice creamYesterday afternoon we took another walk to town to the Cardinal drive-in. It appears to be an old Sonic that now has local ownership. We got a milk shake and their version of a blizzard. Both were very good. Actually the milkshake was better than Jack’s. Otherwise we have done bookwork, read, and tried to sale some real estate. We have a 7:10 appointment in the morning at the cabinet shop. Don’t think they will finish tomorrow so suspect we will be here thru the weekend. We will see what tomorrow brings.

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