Primitive Living

Friday, July 27, 2018

Another very nice day in Red Bay. Cool morning, pretty warm afternoon but nice breeze most of the time. Actually it stayed cloudy most of the day until evening when it cleared off and a wonderful view of the full moon and Mars. Nice day.

We spent the day in the cabinet shop. We had thought we would be there maybe until about noon, but nope, all day. And we will be back in the cabinet shop at 7:00 am Monday morning. So what did we do today? They cabinet guys polished our counter tops. They look really nice. It’s a service Tiffin provides for owners shortly before the one year bumper to bumper warranty expires. We also had some cabinet doors that needed adjustment. One that we thought just needed adjustment the techs decided needed replacing. That door will be built Monday morning. We also had a cabinet that we thought needed adjustment that Tiffin said needed to be replaced. They are building the replacement cabinet and that too should be completed Monday morning and reinstalled. However, to remove the cabinet they also had to remove the microwave convection oven.  Since they didn’t reinstall the cabinet we are spending the weekend without our microwave.  How do you live a weekend without a microwave?  This should be interesting.  The guys did a great job today and we will be spending another weekend in Red Bay. Oh well, there are much worse places to be and we really appreciate Tiffin repairing items that we didn’t even know needed repairing. Still really happy with Fred.

This evening we had more time to visit with fellow Tiffin owners, share information about NOMADS and just generally talk RVs. Nice evening for walking around the campground. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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