Still in Bay 48

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

New awning lights
New awning lights

Monday we were up at 5:00 and back in bay 48 at 6:50. One of our techs was off so Scott continued to work our list on his own. He got the remainder of the LED lights replaced and the slide gasket reinstalled. Scott also replaced the awning lights while he was installing a new wind sensor. He adjusted all the bay doors and the generator slide so it goes in and out a little easier. The window panes didn’t arrive until too late in the day so that project wasn’t started. But we made progress. Unfortunately our radio that they repaired Friday started acting up again. So we pulled back to our site at Camp Red Bay with instructions to be back at 7:00 in the morning. We spent the afternoon visiting and getting to know the new arrivals. The campground was very close to maximum capacity.

So we were back in bay 48 at 6:50 again this morning. This is getting to be like work. Looking forward to a day to sleep in. Today Jeff was back and the first project was our window. Unfortunately, when they opened the packaging containing our two new window panes both panes had scratches. Now we have a whole new window which is fine with us, but now we have to go to the paint bays to get the window trim painted to match the coach.

Installing new radioThey also installed a new radio. However, when we moved the coach back to the campsite, waiting for them to call us to the paint station, the radio quit again. They have now determined that when they reinstalled our LEDs they may have caused a short in the speaker wires. Now they just have to find the short. However, the radio is working fine this afternoon so a project for tomorrow. This afternoon Camp Red Bay has no vacancies. There are motorhomes everywhere.

Another visit to the Tiffin PlantSince we knew we would not get a call to the paint or cabinet shop this afternoon, we went to the factory to take a look at the first of the 2019’s coming off the line. Always fun to see what is changing. They are building some really nice looking rigs but we are still very happy with Fred.

We do not have to be anywhere at 7:00 in the morning so we may sleep in a little. We do have to be ready for a call that we hope will come sometime tomorrow. It will be nice to have all the little things done and get back on the road again.

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