In The Beginning

Oops!  This didn’t get posted last night

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Today was another hot sunny day in Tuscaloosa. We have had frequent afternoon storms with another day of flash flooding, something that is unusual for Tuscaloosa. Today was another afternoon storm. It does drop the temperature significantly and we certainly won’t be having to water the grass anytime soon.

Since we have been still busy with business and estate stuff, we thought we would share something from the beginning of our great adventure, our new life of RVing With A Purpose.

Back around 2010 or so we first met Sandy and Roger at our church. We noticed they were driving a large truck with a fifth wheel hitch and signs on the doors for NOMADS. We didn’t own an RV at the time but knew we wanted that to change as we looked ahead to retirement. We got to know Roger and Sandy and they shared with us all about their travels and work with NOMADS. Jump forward to March of 2014 as we were preparing for Max’s retirement, Roger and Sandy invited us to join them for a project at SIFAT in Lineville, Alabama. Not yet retired, we could only commit to one week since Max was working to make a smooth transition to the new leadership for Blount County. SIFAT stands for Servants In Faith and Technology. We knew nothing of SIFAT and had a totally different idea of technology (like computers) before our visit. Be sure to check our their website to find out about their technology. Anyway, we started our week meeting our fellow team members on Saturday, worshiping with them on Sunday, and of course lunch afterward and the Sunday night team meeting. We started Monday sorting donated medical supplies. After that we built new railings for the administration building and ended with some painting. It was a wonderful week that started us on our new adventure and we have never looked back. Such a blessing.


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