Thursday, July 12, 2018

We slept a little late this morning so it was already 78 when we walked. Hot and humid! After our walk and breakfast, it was a laundry day. We will be be leaving for Red Bay Saturday morning if all goes as planned so it was time to start getting ready to depart. It’s time for Fred to get some exercise and we really have hitch itch.

Today was also the day Anne’s cousin Ross and his wife came for a visit. They live in the Houston, TX area so we don’t get to see them often. It was so great to see them. It seems that lately we have only seen each other at family funerals so it was nice to just visit. Ross spent a good deal of time with Anne’s family as a young man. His dad died in an on the job accident and Daddy Dwight really tried to step in and be a father figure to Ross. Ross had looked on Yelp and decided they would like to go to a little local restaurant, Nick’s, for dinner. As a total surprise to Ross, the restaurant was just a few blocks from Anne’s family’s childhood farm, the place Ross spent so many summer days. When he realized the location, we of course had to go by the old farm house and the 40 acres Daddy Dwight eventually developed in to a subdivision. This brought back so many good memories and time of sharing. Ross had to go on to Birmingham tonight but such a good, even though short, visit.


After Ross left, we went to Cookout for milkshakes and brought one back for our across the street neighbor. The visit over milkshakes led to more memories of when we were all growing up in the subdivision and the houses Daddy Dwight build in Wood Manor. Again a time of good memories. A little sad, missing Mama Ruby and Daddy Dwight, tonight. But know we are blessed with wonderful memories.

Turning on the old RCA HiFi also brought back more memories for Anne.

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