Back at Our Home Church Again

Sunday, July 8, 2018

We were up early this morning, but not to go for a walk, and not as early as usual. Today we met our wonderful friends, Barry and Donna for breakfast before church. We had a good breakfast at Huddle House in Oneonta but the company was the best. So good to get to spend a little time with them. It will be nice when we finish up in Tuscaloosa and get to resume our afternoon walks and weekend bike rides with Barry and Donna.

LMUMC Early Service stream
Click on picture to view the service

After breakfast we all went to Lester Memorial for a wonderful service. We have a new pastor, Harvey Beck. His first Sunday was last week, which we missed, but we sure enjoyed the service today. The sermon was from 2 Timothy and was titled “The Word of God is Alive”. Love that we have another pastor who preaches the Word. We also had a great Sunday school class today.

After church we went back for another visit with Jean and Helen who were both again doing well and then back to Tuscaloosa for a late lunch at Red Lobster. We had another afternoon thunderstorm and then a walk. It was a good day.

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