Sunday, June 24, 2018

Yesterday and today were both very hot and dry. We watched yesterday’s stormy weather to the north, but only got a slight drizzle here.

Blueberry pancakesAbout the only thing of even the least bit of interest we did yesterday was make blueberry pancakes and top them with our homemade honey-blueberry syrup. The rest of the day was spent trying to stay cool and working on estate paperwork.

FLUMC Connections ServiceToday, however, we enjoyed a very good contemporary service at Forest Lake UMC, which is about a block away. The sermon was based on Act 8:26-40 and was entitled “Lay Mission.” It reminded us that we are all ministers and that we should practice our ministry all week long.  We noticed the permanent graphics above the stage “Gather, Grow, Go, Give” and how well the message reflected those instructions.

After the service we drove back to Deerlick Creek Campground and looked around again. Then we tried to stay cool and worked on some accounting stuff. Oh, we did walk three miles this morning and another three miles this evening.

Alabama Weather Day

Friday, June 22, 2018

While a tornado was hitting north Alabama, this is what we saw.
While a tornado was hitting north Alabama, this is what we saw.

A cloudy day today, and cooler. We had a couple of tiny showers but no significant rain here in Tuscaloosa. We had a gorgeous sunset which may have been enhanced by the large storm clouds up in Cullman County (where Anne worked). There was another tornado in northern Cullman County shortly before sunset, with at least 3 injuries, one being an infant, confirmed so far. Those 3 were from a mobile home that was totally destroyed. One of our good EMA friends lives across the road from the trailer but she and her husband are fine. She said that the wind became strong and out of nowhere debris started hitting her house and she and her husband knew immediately what was happening and rushed to the basement. When she came out, her neighbor’s house was gone. Search and rescue are going door to door and trying to clear roads. We are praying that no more injuries are discovered. This was a strange storm in that it was a lone storm with almost no lightning and a short track.

This morning we had no appointments so we were able to do our three mile walk and have a relaxed breakfast. A treat to have a more relaxed start to the day. We then got to work on more estate business of transferring to a new property management firm.Cutting up the watermelon It’s a lot of work but we feel it is the right thing for us to do at this time. We did take time to cut the watermelon we bought yesterday. It is so good. Of course, we ate way to much! More work and then we got another 3 mile walk this afternoon. A shower had come through and the temperature dropped a little, with a nice breeze. A good walk and glad we are getting back to more exercise. 6 miles and over 11,000 steps. A good day. Hope everyone has a great weekend and stays safe!

Our 3 Mile Walking Route
Our 3 Mile Walking Route

Summer is Here

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Another day like yesterday. Hot and humid but not quite as hot. And Tuscaloosa got a little rain. We weren’t around to know how much. Birmingham got a lot of rain. That we know because we drove through it this morning.

Today is summer solstice. The longest day of the year. It isn’t getting dark until late but it certainly is different than summer solstice in Alaska. We learned about summer solstice in Fairbanks when we visited in 2014. In Fairbanks, Alaska there is a huge festival. There is a semi-pro baseball game played on a field with no lights and the game starts at midnight. It doesn’t get dark all night, just a little dusky. Would love to be there for summer solstice one year.

Whited Farms Produce Stand
Whited Farms Produce Stand

Today we were on the road to Birmingham a little after 8:00, headed to Oneonta. We met with some of the health care team at the long term care facility, and visited with Helen and Jean. Both seemed to be doing as well as can be expected, and both were happy. We went by the local produce stand for more fresh corn, tomatoes, new potatoes and this time a watermelon. The watermelon is in the cooler chilling and we are looking forward to cutting it tomorrow. Sure hope it is a good one. We will enjoy some of our fresh veggies tomorrow too. Today for our “big meal of the day” we stopped at Munoz, our favorite Mexican restaurant in Trussville. It’s been forever since we have been there so we really enjoyed today. We have enough food leftover for two more meals but it was so good.

Light Lunch at Munoz
Light Lunch at Munoz

After lunch it was a quick stop at Publix for some groceries, two banks for Aunt Jean and then back to Tuscaloosa. We waited till almost dark for our walk and it was a little cooler with a light breeze. Nicer than last night. Good walk. Good day.

Busy Day and Flashbacks

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It was another hot and humid day. And another day with no rain in our part of Tuscaloosa. Weather is pretty boring right now.

Started the day early because there was lots to be done. Later when everyone was up we went to IHOP for breakfast with Jim and Susan. On the way back to Wood Manor we stopped by some of our apartments to do a little inspection. Back at Wood Manor we continued to work on minimizing stuff in the house and packing up knick knacks. There was also cleaning. We made good progress but more importantly we also had another family meeting and made the decision to hire a property management firm. We really believe this will make life so much easier on us all. So thankful that decision was made. Now we must implement our plans.

This week we were supposed to be on our Constructions for Christ project in Middleboro, Kentucky. Since it was postponed we decided to look at the last few years of projects. We have so enjoyed these projects. Good memories, hopefully we will be able to do our Kentucky project later in the year.

In 2017 we with with CfC to Rosalie, AL to build a church to replace one destroyed by a tornado. You can read about that trip here.