Getting Started at Rosalie

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rosalie Baptist ChurchThe forecast was for some rain today but we had heavy fog early then it was a mostly sunny, hot day. The guys got up, had breakfast and headed out to Rosalie Baptist Church to start work at 8:00. The girls got to stay home a couple more hours and visit and enjoy a cup of coffee. The drive to the church is 23 miles and takes about 25 minutes.

The guys started today with a blank slab and worked to put down the exterior wall sill plates and marked the interior walls on the slab. It’s always the small Saturday crew’s goal to have it so the full crew can start building walls Monday morning at 6:00. Today they also opened up all the tool trailers and checked equipment, assembled saws and other general activities necessary to the start of the project.

Setting up the CFC merchandise

The girls spent the morning and part of the afternoon setting up the “store” of Constructors for Christ merchandise. That means sorting and folding lots and lots of t-shirts as well as hats, jackets, mugs, cook books, cooking and nail aprons and back packs. Last year Debra and Anne were in charge of the store. It is no small task.


The church provided us with lunch and dinner tonight. That was an unexpected treat. Usually no meals are provided on Saturday since the project doesn’t officially start until Sunday night at the 6:00 pm meeting. Thank you Rosalie church family for your warm hospitality.

A lot was accomplished today. Everyone was safe. Everyone ended the day really tired. It was a good day.

Don’t forget to be praying for tomorrow’s services and your pastors.

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